I mess around with music making machines/software when I have time… to paraphrase my friend Pilar - “I want to get a full-time academic philosophy job so I can have an obnoxious hobby”

Some bits of things I’ve made

Ableton, Elektron boxes, other hardware (2019-now)





no2xs (v5)

UPR / Shards


Truth Is Is You Do

byakkoya 2021

Mixes (2010/11)

I used to make mixes though by no means could I/can I mix that well. Pals liked these ones I did below, pretty much all vinyl. Some nice techno/weirder strains of dubstep/avant pop and ambient/icy electronic stuff from that time


heartbreak half hour

XMIX 2010

Think I made this and burned to CDs as an xmas gift for friends when I had not much money. Nothing xmassy about it


‘Norfolk’ (2003)

Made this with a demo of Reaktor. Live playing the computer keyboard Mark Salud style

stuff I’m listening to:

other bits